Ford is making it more budget-friendly to own a Territory SUV with their latest deals.

Ford is making it more 'fordable' and budget-friendly to get your hands on a Territory SUV as they rolled out some attractive promos. The deals further make this SUV an even better choice, especially for first-time car buyers or families looking for a quality vehicle without spending too much.

The Next-Gen Territory continues to be a favorite choice in the market. Members of the Next-Gen Ford Territory Owners Club have even shared their favorite features of the SUV, telling people why it stands out in a crowded market. The SUV's spacious and comfortable interior is a major appeal. Owners like Alfred Gabilla, a technology operations lead, and Esmammer Guerrero, a seafarer, mention the SUV's neat layout, huge space inside, and premium feel.

Ford Territory

Another feature that wins over Territory owners is the 360-degree camera, which provides confidence in driving through tight spaces and crowded places. The feature comes as a big advantage for new drivers like Guerrero, who appreciate the extra help in driving busy streets.

The Territory also has a big 12-inch touchscreen that connects to Apple Carplay and Android Auto, which is great for using maps, playing music, and reading messages, making driving more enjoyable. 

Safety features like the Blind Spot Information System also apply as an advantage and work well with Territory owners. The system adds a layer of safety and security on busy roads, offering visual and audible alerts to keep drivers aware of their surroundings.

Now, Ford continues to capitalize on the Territory's popularity with attractive deals, making it more affordable than ever. Customers can now get the Ford Territory with a low monthly fee of P13,000 or a cash discount of P40,000 until February 29, 2024. If you're interested in getting behind the wheel of the Next-Gen Territory, get a quote as soon as you can. 

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