Ford steering wheel

Ford seems to have overflowing creative juices, and they keep on coming. After it patented a removable steering wheel and pedals, as well as a car seat that has 'legs', another weird idea has entered their mind – a foldable steering wheel.

The foldable steering wheel has a pivot, which connects the first section to the second section. That hinge allows the steering wheel to be folded, so that the driver can use it as a laptop mount.

According to Ford, this idea was designed particularly for working individuals who usually need to get other work done when they happen to arrive at the meeting place a bit early. As simple as that.

However, is it really useful to have a foldable steering wheel when you can just transfer to the backseat and do the work there? It’s safer as well. Also, it’s quite risky if this would be integrated in production cars as there might be a failure in locking mechanism and such.

Want to hear something insane that would beat other automaker’s patent? The American marque actually filed a patent where cars will have a built-in motorcycle that can be deployed as another vehicle. Crazy, right? It’s cool, though. Aside from that, there’s also the self-leveling cup, where your coffee won’t spill despite acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle. Perfect for a coffee person, yes?

It’s great to see what our trusted automakers have in mind, but I hope the concepts they lay out would actually be worth the money we pay. Reading their patents is a lot of fun nonetheless, may it be useful or strange.

Well, what do you think, folks? Is foldable steering wheel a witty concept or just another quirky idea?

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