Ford car care tips for volcanic ash

Amidst Taal Volcano's unrest, Ford Philippines gives out some useful consumer advice on how to protect your car from volcanic ash. These range from things you can do at home, to ones which will require you to contact an expert. 

Here are eight tips to keep your vehicle cleaned and maintained against volcanic ash.

The first tip from the Blue Oval is to keep your vehicle under a cover as much as possible. Having a cover creates a physical barrier between your vehicle and the ash. This prevents the volcanic particles from affecting your paint. Volcanic ash, aside from having small rock particles, also carry chemicals that can eat away at your paint.

Second, the American brand states that you should not remove ash by sweeping or by brushing it off your vehicle. It may cause microscopic scratches and ruin your paint creating swirl marks. You should remove the ash by rinsing with water using a garden hose on low pressure. Make sure to do this while wearing appropriate eye protection and a dust mask.

Third is to lift wiper blades clear of the windscreen. Ford says that this has to be done to ensure that both the glass and the wiper rubbers are cleared from ash deposits. Having dry ash on your wiper blades could scratch your windshield.

Fourth is to ensure that the areas around the fuel door and door opening are clean. Having it clean and cleared of debris makes sure that no unwanted material can enter your fuel system. It will also help prevent debris from going into the engine away, slowly causing internal damage. 

Fifth the American brand says that the engine air filter should be inspected by a qualified technician. This should also be replaced when too much dust has accumulated or when it starts to clog. Having a healthy breathing engine assures that you get the most out of your fuel and that none of the internal components break. 

Sixth on the list is to have your engine bay cleaned. Moving parts work best when clean and so should your engine. Ford states that the customer should have their engine bay area inspected by a qualified person so that any damage can be avoided.

Seventh, the Blue Oval states that for those who are driving in areas in heavy ashfall, they should have the pollen filter replaced at the first opportunity. Having the filter replaced immediately ensures that it does not clog up the evaporators and that they do not breathe in any contaminants. 

Ford states that the public should avoid driving while there are still significant ash deposits on the road. If driving cannot be avoided, drivers should use the recirculate function of their climate control systems. Having it on recirculate reduces the chance of unwanted dust and odor from entering your vehicle. 

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