Ford Philippines commemorates Women's Month with a hands-on firing range session at Armscor.

Gunning for equality, Ford Philippines recently held a media drive on the road to empowerment, where women are breaking barriers, not nails! On February 26, Ford Philippines organized a firing range event at Armscor Shooting Center in Marikina City to celebrate Women's Month. 

Members of the media, including AutoDeal, were invited to take part in a shooting activity, challenging gender norms in the spirit of #InspireInclusion.


Armscor Global Defense, Inc., based in the Philippines, is one of the world's largest exporters of guns and bullets, sending products to more than 65 countries, including places in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Their factory in Marikina City makes more than 180,000 guns and 500 million bullets every year.


Starting with the light 9mm guns, the instructor, Mr. Jimboy, recommended them for first-time shooters due to their lighter weight and suggested that these are more suitable for women. Still, the participants proved this notion outdated by skillfully handling the .45 caliber guns as well, which are heavier and demand a stronger grip.


Andrea Suarez, an organizer from Ford team, shared the reason behind the chosen activity - guns are often associated with men and seen as symbols of masculinity, but during the event, women proved that these fields are for everyone. 


Besides the shooting activity, Ford invited women to test drive their new car, the New Gen Ford Everest and Territory


Ford Philippines has quite a history of challenging norms and supporting women. In 2020, they started a campaign called 'Ranger for Her' with the Ford Ranger and chose Iza Calzado and Rachel Peters to represent the campaign. The idea was to show that the Ford Ranger is tough and can be used for good causes and to help local tourism.


Once again, Ford proves their cars aren't just for off-road adventure; the carmaker is always on the road to promoting gender equality, supporting women to break the barrier of just being in the passenger seat. So, regardless of your gender, you must see their current lineup and get a quote for the vehicle of your choice!

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