Ford to release an all-electric Transit this November

Today, many vehicles have been leaning towards the electrification of its powerplants. Apart from its beneficial factors as to efficiency, this type of mill also saves the environment from toxic emissions. Given that in mind, Ford, on the other hand, is set to launch an all-electric Transit which should cater to the commercial needs of its prospective customers in a more efficient and high-tech manner. 

This upcoming product was motivated by the brand’s strongest van sales last 2019, therefore building the brand’s interest in the commercial market. Apart from that, Europe has been applying stricter emission standards which somewhat opens a new door for them in producing this all-electric transporter.

Going further, Jim Farley, Ford Motor Company's current chief executive officer, highlighted connectivity and software as something of greater interest in Ford's electric fold. Specifically with regard to offering commercial customers a full-service business with the inclusion of not just the vehicle, but also charging and data services to lower cost-of-ownership.

These electric vehicles will be true work vehicles, extremely capable and with unique digital services and over-the-air capabilities to improve the productivity and uptime of commercial customers.

Notably, apart from the Transit, it was also mentioned by Farley that part of its commercial plan is the F-150. During the conference hall, it was further stretched by the CEO that addressable markets for a fully electric commercial van and pickup are going to be massive, this is perhaps one of the main reasons why the brand is venturing towards this particular segment.

By now, it’s still quite improbable for us to get this innovative commercial vehicle once it debuts, although it is worth noting that the Transit is also being sold here, the main difference would be its powerplant, which is complemented by a 2.2-liter diesel. Then again, the vehicle’s not launched yet, that said, we’ll then get back to you for any further details once this transporter finally breaks cover by November.

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