Next-Generation Ford Ranger Testing

Everyone knows by now that a new next-generation Ford Ranger is on the way. Long-time fans of the midsize pickup truck will are already quite familiar with the pickup’s long-standing reputation as a smart yet still rugged pickup. 

Multiple leaks have already been sent to our inboxes, but yet another new image set came from Ford

Next-Generation Ford Ranger Testing

According to the Blue Oval, the new Ranger is being put through a battery of extreme tests before it gets to the real world. Sold across 180 markets in the world, there is a good chance that the pickup will encounter some of the worst conditions given its popularity and “Built Tough” reputation. Being a new model, however, the next-generation Ranger still has to earn its keep in the Ford lineup. 

“Earning a Build Ford Tough status is not something we take lightly. Every part of the next-generation Ranger was tested to the same standards that we demand of every Ford vehicle.”

The new Ranger has already been through some of the toughest terrains around the world, not only to ensure that it can cross mud, snow, and sand, but also to ensure that it can meet Ford’s world-class quality, reliability, and durability standards so it can do it again, and again, and again. 

Durability is key with a pickup truck, especially one that’s marketed with Ford’s “Built Tough” slogan. Ford is going through great lengths to test out the new Ranger thoroughly, exposing it to the freezing cold and the arid heat along with a multitude of other operating conditions that the pickup must be able to conquer. 

Next-Generation Ford Ranger Testing Snow

According to the brand, Ford has already taken the new Ranger through muddy bush tracks, tropical weather, towing over alpine passes, and even enduring extreme heat of more than 50-degrees Celsius. 

The brand has also covered around 10,000 km of desert driving, which is the equivalent of 1,250,000 km of normal driving, and the equivalent of 625,000 km of rugged off-road durability testing at max load capacity. Thousands of hours of computer testing and simulation have already been conducted prior to these real-world tests, and man does Ford really drive their cars hard. 

While it’s all well and good to hear that the new Ranger is standing strong against some of the most extreme tests Ford is throwing at it, the Blue Oval is still a little hush-hush about the new pickup’s launch date. Perhaps they’re having a little too much fun while testing it? 

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