Toyota Innova EV

At the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS), Toyota is moving forward with its electrification, and this is a little bit of a surprise for us. Instead of a global model receiving a battery power unit, a southeast Asian hero has been selected to be the next in line to carry the electric torch for Toyota.

Otherwise known as the Kijang, the Innova sees a lot of action in the ASEAN region, especially in the Philippines. It’s almost impossible not to see an Innova on the road because there are just so many of them. From the early 2000s all the way until now, the Innova has been a popular choice for many families thanks to its frugal diesel engine and Toyota reliability. 

As the automotive landscape changes, however, it’s good to hear that the venerable Innova will be keeping up with the times. Toyota Indonesia is showcasing the Toyota Kijang Innova EV Concept Vehicle. The model is all-electric and ditches the traditional gasoline/diesel internal combustion engine that many have come to love in favor of a modern electric powertrain. 

On Toyota Indonesia’s YouTube page, the whole car is teased. There are no specifications, but rather there are quotes and statements that outline Toyota’s goal of moving towards a green and sustainable future, other than that, however, we can see that the Innova EV will come with a few updated goodies in lieu of that electric powertrain. 

It appears that the gauge cluster will not feature a tachometer anymore. Instead of engine speed, we’ll get a motor output meter along with a brand-new faceplate for the entire cluster. Toyota also seems to have adjusted the infotainment system to display speed, range, and battery power. A bit redundant since the driver’s cluster has everything you need to know at a glance. 

Although, the Kijang Innova EV doesn’t appear to be that different from a normal model. The front grille is blocked off and the taillights have been swapped out for a futuristic pair with clear lenses. Just like every other hybrid or electric vehicle, the Innova Concept is the proud recipient of the brand’s fabled blue badge along with blue “eyeliner” for the headlights. 

This move could signal something big for the brand since the Toyota Innova shares largely the same underpinnings as the Fortuner and Hilux. Since Toyota’s platform is global, it could mean that the brand could share its platform with other nameplates, which would ease developmental woes, and bring EVs faster to market. 

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