Peugeot Instinct concept

Geneva International Motor Show is one way to see flashy looking concepts and fresh new car models. In Peugeot's case, it's the first one – with its aggressive-looking Instinct hybrid concept. 

Not only is it flashy in appearance, the Peugeot Instinct concept offers an amount of technology, on top of a hybrid powertrain. With its slim and aggressive headlights, a wide grille, and the expressive side contours, the car will undoubtedly catch people's attention.

That's without mentioning its suicide doors. The unconventionally-designed doors don't just add up to its sleekness, but gives ample access space to its high-tech cabin. Speaking of the cabin being advanced, the interior features the Peugeot I-Cockpit architecture. This includes a retractable steering wheel and folding pedals, minimal dash panel, and built-in HD infotainment devices.

In addition, the cabin's Samsung Artik Cloud feature allows the car to adapt various driver behaviors. Abilities, such as reading data from a smartwatch and configuring vehicle settings are aligned to provide the driver and other occupants a relaxing ride.

Furthermore, it also offers 2 drive modes to provide the appropriate environment based on how the car is being used: Drive and Autonomous. Another hi-tech feature found in the Instinct is the 'chatbot' – a speech-driven system that offers an array of functions like booking tickets and ordering online. 

Yet on the contrary, specifications about what's under its hood are yet to be disclosed, aside from its 300 hp PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) power.

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