Toyota i-Trill concept

Aside from its lineup present at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, such as the Yaris Gazoo, Toyota also flashed its futuristic electric compact car concept, the i-Tril. The said concept is the Japanese brand's vision on urban mobility for 2030.

The 3-seater polygonal car is a product of Toyota Motor Europe (TME) in collaboration with its ED2 design studio in France. Weighing only 600 kg with its ability to lean to the direction of the curve, the i-Tril makes turning easy and fun. Called as Active Lean Technology, the system works through a hinge between the rear axle and cabin.

Designwise, fenders are not part of the body so the front wheels and body can lean. On the other hand, the forward-leaning bodyshell features a butterfly-opening door with no door handles. Beltline is not a thing for the i-Tril, though, as the window is separated from the door through a dot matrix-pattern finish.

Going inside the cocoon-like cabin, the Japanese concept car offers a fresh futuristic ambience. The 'one-plus-two’ layout of the seats places the driver at the center, while a 2-seat bench locates behind it. Not only does its seating provide ample amount of room, it also amplifies the driver's focus on controlling the vehicle, providing less interruption from the passengers at the backseat. 

Moreover, access in and out the cabin is a no-hassle as a portion of the flooring is removed upon opening the doors. The 20-degree swiveling driver seat also makes it easier for the driver to hop in and out the car.

However, powerplant details and specification on the i-Tril aren’t made clear by Toyota. Yet, they claim that the car’s electric motor has a 200-km driving ability between charges, while having an autonomous driving capability.

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