Nissan Z GT4

It’s been a great time for showgoers at this year’s Specialty Equipment Marketing Association (SEMA) show, which is held in Las Vegas in the United States. Nissan’s Z is one of the headlining models at this year’s show for the Japanese brand, and the Nissan Z GT4 stuns. 

Nissan unveiled the GT4 on September 2022 with a NISMO livery. This unit, however, was specially constructed for SEMA 2022. The unit is based on the all-new Nissan Z, which is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated cars for the Philippine market. 

The SEMA display model features a front hood with the number 23 on. This is Nissan’s exclusive number which harks back to the brand’s early racing liveries back in the 1970s. Towards the rear, the Z logos on the rear quarter panel highlight the modern interpretation of the original 240Z, which is where the current Nissan Z gets a lot of its design inspiration. Following that, we get Fairlady emblems, again another callback to the history of the nameplate. All of this is covered by a full red and black NISMO livery. 

Nissan/NISMO will provide cars for customer teams for the Nissan Z GT4’s inaugural 2023 season. Teams in the United States and in Japan will be competing with the Z in the SRO Pirelli GT4 America series and the Super Taikyu Series, in the U.S. and Japan, respectively. NISMO will be there to provide technical support to these teams, and the vehicles are scheduled to be supplied from 2024, with orders being accepted mid-2023. 

“The SEMA Show is an ideal place to debut our Z GT4 to racers, enthusiasts and the entire industry. We are in the throes of preparing for the 2023 racing season – testing here locally this past weekend – and we look forward to continuing to talk with teams and continue to establish the Z as a force to be reckoned with on tracks around the world.”

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