All-new Ford Ranger Camouflage

Ford fans from every corner of the world have been hotly anticipating the next-generation Ford Ranger. The Blue Oval has already released several teasers for its newest pickup truck, and it seems we haven't seen the last of them just yet.

With its latest teaser, Ford decided to put a unique spin on things. For many years now, automakers have used camouflage patterns to hide vehicles they're not quite ready for the public to see. These wrap-around patterns can be bland and off-putting–and that's the point, but they don't have to be that way.

The new Ranger is currently undergoing testing in various markets, and Ford says you might even be able to spot it in your neighborhood. If you're one of the lucky ones to see the pickup, then you might notice a few things.

At least for this model, Ford has abandoned the old camo pattern in favor of something completely new. The company enlisted its designer Lee Imrie to come up with an eye-catching way to hide the Ranger in plain sight. 

According to Irmie, his team took inspiration from the livery found on the Bronco R Baja Racer. Irmie paired this motorsport-derived design with a scientific approach. The new Ranger's camo features hundreds of pixelated blocks that make it challenging to see the pickup in its entirety.

During the day, the camo pattern masks the vehicle's exterior features. At night, the reflective design elements obscure the truck's outline. There's even a QR code that you can scan if you manage to see the Ranger in the metal. 

Ford hopes this radical departure from the norm creates some buzz when people see it. While the all-new Ranger may look good in camo, we can't wait to see the final version when Ford pulls the covers off it later this year. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for the truck. You never know when you'll spot it.

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