Honda Civic Type R

The Honda Civic Type R has been one of the most important hatches for Big H. Honda’s been doing pretty well with its FK8 Civic Type R, with the model going on to break records and putting a smile on faces when it was first launched. 

The FK8 model was rather outlandish in the style department, and now Honda seemed to have tuned up the maturity of the brand-new FL5 Civic Type R. After the model was revealed to the entire world, it showed a brand-new design that was a lot sleeker than ever before. While that was all well and good, Big H kept to themselves about the horsepower figures of its brand new hot hatch, until now. 

It’s known that the FK8 makes 305 hp from its K20C1 engine, and it’s not uncommon for enthusiasts to bring the model to tuners and bump those figures up to 350 or maybe even 400 horses with a few bolt-on upgrades. We all know that the K20C1 can produce amazing power figures given a good amount of work put into it, so what’s the gain of the newest 2023 model Civic Type R? Ten. Ten horses over the previous model. Okay, 20 horses for the Japanese version, but it’s not the whole story. 

Honda Civic Type R Engine

The Honda Civic Type R (FL5) makes 315 hp for the United States Domestic Market (USDM) model, and 325 hp for the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM), which is brough about by the alleged use of a slightly different K20 engine, the K20C. The torque figures between the two models is even at 420 Nm. Honda has also improved some aspects of the engine, namely with regard to the cooling system. FK8 Type R owners will note that the engine has a tendency to overheat given high-stress situations like track driving, but now Honda claims that they’ve improved the cooling system to allow the Civic Type R to sustain high-performance driving over a longer period of time. 

Honda Civic Type R Exhaust

New owners are also treated to an active exhaust system which allows more sound to enter the cabin which is more apparent in the upper rev ranges. You can keep track of your engine speed through Honda’s new digital gauge cluster which now features a new layout and even a datalogger for use on the race track. 

Honda Civic Type R gauge cluster

Other pieces of data from Japanese sources indicate that the new FL5 Type R will be 38mm longer, 13mm wider, and 29mm lower than the FK8 that it replaces. This could put an emphasis on high-speed stability, a trait that the previous-generation FK8 was lauded for. Following that, the USDM model’s tire width gets a 20mm bump in size while the tire diameter gets a downsize from 20 inches in the FK8 to now 19 inches in the FL5. 

Honda Civic Type R Gauge Cluster

It will be a while before we can say for certain that Honda Philippines will bring in the new Type R. However, it seems that the new model is shaping up to be another remarkable generational upgrade for the storied Type R nameplate. 

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