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We adore the Civic Type R, and most probably you do, too. Now, Honda Cars Philippines has just announced the arrival of the hot hatch’s second batch of 100 units. If you’re among those who did reserve for one, well, congratulations, your brand new toy has just landed.

Better yet, another bit of good news came with Honda’s announcement. The Civic Type R retains its P2,980,00 price tag, which is the same as the retail price of its first batch that came before TRAIN law was passed. We’re not sure what magic HCPI employed to dodge the effects of the new excise tax rates, but whatever it is, it’s something that you, as a buyer, should celebrate about.

But (brace yourself because most things that come after the word but is bad news), you will have to wait for at least two more months before you can get your hands on this iconic hot hatch. Yes, two months, because HCPI specified that initial customer deliveries will start on the first week of October. Kinda frustrating right? It’s like when your tito abroad bought you a new toy but only showed it to you via Skype. The waiting period is excruciating.

However, the Civic Type R is worth waiting for. With a car that got a perfect performance rating in our review, broke numerous race track records, and took five generations before finally hitting our shores, we reckon, two more months of waiting is just fine. Besides, the highly-coveted red badge isn’t an icon for nothing, and if you’re really a fan, two months of waiting is just a piece of cake.

For those who haven’t reserved for their unit yet, the 2018 Civic Type R will be available for viewing at all Honda dealerships starting September 1, 2018. It’s now available in Polished Metal Metallic, which is an addendum to the previous Championship White and Rallye Red color options.

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