Honda CR-V Hybrid

Instead of going with forced induction, Honda is outfitting its new CR-V with a hybrid system. The model is still in its current generation, with the same chassis and overall look, with a new bumper and few exterior tweaks. 

As mentioned, the biggest improvement made to the CR-V is the two-motor hybrid system. The electric propulsion setup is paired with a 2.0-liter i-VTEC gasoline engine that utilizes the Atkinson Cycle, and together, the powertrain produces 212 hp and 315 Nm of torque and is claimed to do 0-100 km/h in around 8.8 seconds. 

The electric motors in the CR-V don’t use heavy rare-earth metals. This construction method helps the system facilitate the flow of power between components ensuring a seamless transmission of power to the wheels. The system also allows the CR-V to shift between three driving modes without any driver input. The system autonomously determines the optimal driving mode to put into play depending on the situation. 

In the United States, the CR-V was able to achieve a tested fuel economy rating of 17 km/L as per the EPA’s testing in the city. For the Philippines, fuel economy figures like that can only be achieved by hybrid systems as we have tested during with several review units. 

In keeping with the high-tech nature of hybrid models, Honda in the U.S. is bundling in the Honda Sensing package with this crossover that includes active safety features such as forward collision mitigation, low speed follow, and blind-spot monitoring among other features. 

The new facelift could be making its debut on Philippine shores soon. It is unknown whether the hybrid system will follow considering that the diesel variant is a good seller as it stands. When it comes to hybrid systems, however, Honda seems to be making a large push with its Fit Hybrid which was announced and started selling just this year. If the CR-V were to launch with a hybrid powertrain, it would be expensive, but equally as impressive – possibly. Perhaps there will be more incentive to bring in the hybrid variants with other major brands such as Hyundai and Toyota, already with their own electrified gasoline-powered models. 

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