Honda warranty and PMS scheduling extension

Honda Philippines in light of the enhanced community quarantine and the limited mobility of the general public has decided that it will be extending the warranty period and Preventative Maintenance Service (PMS) scheduling by another 30-days. This announcement came about due to most car companies temporarily closing down their dealerships in Luzon and in other parts of the Philippines. Due to the closure of these dealerships, some motorists will not be able to bring in their vehicles for maintenance. With that in mind, the Japanese brand will reschedule those who have PMS due this month and will be giving them a 30-day grace period. So, if you are a Honda owner you do not have to worry about missing your vehicle’s service. 

Honda maintenance warranty and service advisory

Those who have warranties that are about to expire during the quarantine, Honda Philippines will automatically have it extended for another  30-days but the extension is still subject to validation under the Honda Standard Warranty Guidelines. The Japanese automotive brand urges its customers to schedule their PMS immediately after the lifting of the quarantine. 

Keeping up with the prescribed maintenance schedules will not only keep your vehicle in top condition but it will also give you a lot of benefits as well. Preventative maintenance is designed to save you money in the long run. The upfront cost might be expensive but it will help save you from possibly more expensive repairs later on. Simple things such as routine oil changes remove dirty oil and harmful debris from the oil. These small particles can cause parts in the engine to wear out faster which could result in expensive repairs later on. Checking fluids can also be a big help as missing fluids are an indicator of something wrong with the vehicle. Even replacing filters will help a great deal by ensuring that your car takes in clean air and clean fuel. All of these are typically done during normal preventative maintenance and are design to keep your vehicle running smoothly for a longer amount of time. 

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