Honda Accord

If you take a quick look at the Honda Philippines website, you will notice that two vehicles are missing. The first is the Honda Civic Type-R which already sold out its stocks for this generation and has a new one that will come soon, and the second is the Honda Accord which has been quietly dropped from the local lineup. According to reports, the D-segment sedan was dropped because of the brand’s plan to simplify its local lineup of vehicles. 

Honda Accord action shot

Another reason why the Accord could have been dropped is because of the shrinking D-segment market. Crossovers, SUVs, and MPVs are now the hot ticket item with most consumers flocking to these products instead of sedans. This leaves Mazda and Toyota left as the only few that have D-segment sedans to offer in the form of the Toyota Camry and the Mazda6. 

Honda BR-V

While this may be a sad moment for fans of the nameplate, Honda Philippines does plans of bringing new models into the country to keep its current lineup of vehicles fresh. This includes the upcoming launch of the all-new Honda BR-V which has already been launched in Thailand and could likely make an appearance at the upcoming Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) where they mentioned that they would be holding a preview of a new model. 

Honda Philippines has been quiet about the new BR-V and has yet to release any other information concerning the upcoming 7-seater MPV. For now, it's a waiting game to see what the Japanese automaker will have in store. As rumors already abound that the BR-V will come with four variants once it officially launches in the Philippine market. 

While it's sad to see the Accord go, its place in the model lineup will more than likely be filled by a new and more exciting model that customers will grow fond of. 

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