Honda e:Ny1 2024 EV

Honda’s going through with its electrification, and it’s taking one of its most popular segments, the subcompact crossover segment, and electrifying it. The e:Ny1, whose name is a play on the word “anyone” (we assume), is the newest electric model to come out of the Japanese automaker’s development studio. 

The Japanese brand is ramping up efforts in the EV segment of the market, as it stated in a previous press release. The follow-up to the Honda:e, the e:Ny1 is HR-V sized, and similar to the subcompact crossover that many get to enjoy here in the Philippines. 

2024 Honda e:Ny1 EV

The model is a European market version, and it may also share similarities with the Chinese-made Hondas made in partnership with Dongfeng and GAC as part of the brand’s business ventures in the region. 

The exterior of the e:Ny1 is a straightforward EV, without a grille to minimize drag and improve range, and also a different set of wheels that look like they achieve the same effect. 

2024 Honda e:Ny1 EV

Inside, the e:Ny1 has a largely-similar design and layout to the current-generation HR-V save for the large portrait-oriented 15.1-inch infotainment screen and the all-digital floating gauge cluster for the driver. The steering wheel is also in a different shape, and the gear selector is replaced with buttons. You may also spot mood lighting (or ambient lighting) all around the cabin of the press photos, and we reckon that the colors can be changed somewhere in the infotainment system. 

2024 Honda e:Ny1 EV interior

Ass for the electric motor’s output, the e:Ny1 develops 201 hp and 310 Nm of torque which drives the front wheels. According to Honda, the vehicle can achieve a range of 412 kilometers based on WLTP cycle standards. Charging is also quick with a DC fast charger able to bring it from 10 percent all the way to 80 percent in just 45 minutes. 

2024 Honda e:Ny1 EV Badge

No fully-electric Honda is in sight just yet, but this model looks like a viable candidate for the Philipipnes. However, it remains to be seen which of the electric Hondas we’ll see first in the Philippines as the local operation hasn’t given a definite answer at the time of this article’s writing. Perhaps a hybrid Honda CR-V will come first, then everything else will lead into fully-electric mobility. 

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