Hyundai Kona N Line teasers

Hyundai has one more surprise in store before the end of 2020. The South Korean automaker has just released several teasers for an unknown N car that will be making its appearance sometime in 2021. While not yet confirmed we suspect that it could be the much-awaited Hyundai Kona N. Earlier in 2020, the automaker gave their crossover a facelift and hinted at a possible performance version coming soon. With the recent release of the teasers, the performance-oriented Kona could already be production-ready and is just waiting for the right time to make its reveal. 

The images themselves do not showcase the car in its entirety, however, parts of the hood and the roofline can be seen. It is important to note that there have been spy photos of the vehicle that have already made their rounds on the internet indicating that a launch could happen very soon. 

Hyundai i20 N-Line

The South Korean manufacturer has also released more photos of the Elantra N, and it has confirmed that its N Division will be launching two new vehicles in 2021. These new vehicles are the i20 N and the Kona N as well. A quick look at the current Hyundai i20 and its N-Line variant reveal that it does not come with roof rails further cementing that the Kona could be the first to launch ahead of its much smaller hatchback based sibling. 

While nothing is yet official since the photos do not reveal much about the vehicle, we are hoping that within the first quarter of 2021 the Kona N will be making its appearance. We further suspect that similar to all other N models, the Kona will come with a more powerful engine as well as a new body kit to match the performance underneath. That said, it is now a waiting game to see what Hyundai has in store for the coming year. With its current focus on performance, the South Korean brand’s current lineup could prove to be very interesting in the coming months. 

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