Isuzu Kababayan Promo

In case you’re wondering, there are approximately 2.3 million overseas Filipino workers (OFW) around the world as of this writing. That’s 2.3 million brave souls who work thousands of miles away from home for the sake of their loved ones’ future. We can only imagine how hard it is to be away from home for years. 

The sacrifices are well appreciated, especially by Isuzu Corporation Philippines (IPC) with the launch of its OFW-exclusive cash discount promo. With the Isuzu Kababayan Promo, OFWs who will purchase a D-Max (except the Flexicube) or an mu-X starting September 1 to December 31, 2018 will enjoy a P20,000 cash discount. Meanwhile, an additional P10,000 discount will be given to applicants who are already an Isuzu owner.

The Isuzu Kababayan Promo is honored at all Isuzu dealers nationwide. To apply, you’ll be needing to present supporting documents showing you or your immediate relative is currently employed overseas. These documents include a photocopy of passport/Philippine Oversea Employment Administration (POEA)/Seaman’s book and one valid government ID. A copy of official receipt and Certificate of Registration (OR/CR) of the buyer’s current Isuzu unit is also needed to avail the additional P10,000 discount. 

Upon purchase, the buyer—whether it’s you or an immediate OFW relative—will then be asked to fill out a form to become an official Isuzu Kababayan member. The acquired mu-X or D-Max unit can be named after the buyer or an immediate family member. In addition, the discounts can be converted to availing genuine Isuzu accessories of equivalent amounts. 

You may log on to to know more about the Isuzu Kababayan Promo or go to your nearest Isuzu dealership.

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