JMC, the company that many people in China go to for pickups, is now looking to sell its trucks in the Philippines.

Jiangling Motors Corporation, commonly known as JMC, is preparing to sell its trucks in the Philippines. Partnering with Astara as its exclusive distributor, JMC is ready to introduce Filipinos to its vehicles that have established dominance in China's competitive automotive market.

Since starting its vehicle production journey in the late '60s, JMC has grown into a reputable name when it comes to Chinese pickups. At present, the company has an undeniable fair share of the market thanks to its trucks that satisfy the needs of consumers who use them for their work, all while enjoying comfort and convenience.


Over the years, JMC has launched pickups like the "Boarding" and "Vigus," which have become crowd favorites for their durable build and also modern features. The company's latest product, the "Grand Avenue," launched in 2023, has new technology and heavy duty features made for carrying heavy loads and driving well.


Arlan Reyes, who leads the JMC brand in the Philippines, says that JMC is working more on bringing good value to its customers. They want to offer Filipino drivers trucks that are up-to-date and versatile.

"At the heart of JMC's pickup mastery is our commitment to innovation and offering the best value to our customers. As one of the leaders in the pickup truck segment, we aim to take the JMC brand to the next level, offering Filipinos a cutting-edge choice for quality and versatility. JMC's story encompasses progress, innovation, and a ​​relentless pursuit of excellence. Their legacy enables us to continue transforming the future of mobility in the country. We can't wait to share with you brand-new models that are about to conquer Philippine roads."

JMC has made quite a name for itself with its pickup trucks back in China, and now it's looking to do the same in the Philippines. The carmaker got a bunch of new models they're planning to bring in, and it looks like they're planning to compete with the other carmakers in the local market. For those interested in what JMC has in store or if you're thinking about getting one of their cars, you can check out their current range and get a price estimate for the model you like.

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