Feet on dashboard

It may seem comfortable to put your feet on the dashboard, but the comfort you think it gives you can turn the table and become the greatest regret of your life.

An accident came across to a couple 2 years ago in Georgia, USA. While driving to their parent’s house to pick up their two sons, a car pulled up in front of them and with just a blink, they crashed. Everyone managed to escape from the scene except for Audra Tatum, who happened to have her foot on the dashboard at that time.

In an interview with CBS news, Tatum recalled the horrifying scene and said that the airbag went off, throwing her foot up, breaking her nose. Before she knew it, the bottom of her foot was already in her face.

Due to the impact, Tatum’s ankle, femur, and arm were all broken. She underwent several surgeries and weeks of physical therapy to be able to walk again.

Now, Tatum still carries with her the consequence of her carelessness. She works as an Emergency Medical Support (EMS), but she cannot lift patients and cannot stand longer than 4 hours anymore.

Hoping to save other people’s lives, Tatum mentioned on the interview that she is willing to share her story to the community. A local fire department helped her to spread the warning through a Facebook post.

For sure, you would not want to face the same horrible experience that Tatum had gone through. Just imagine the worse that could happen if there wasn’t an airbag at all. So the next time you think of putting your feet on the dashboard, think twice. Think of Tatum.

Photos courtesy of Flickr.com and CBS News

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