2022 Kia Forte teaser image

Kia Motor Company releases teaser images of the 2022 Kia Forte ahead of its official debut on April 20, 2021. The South Korean automaker has given the compact sedan a few minor updates to the exterior to refresh the vehicle’s look. 

Starting with the front of the Kia Forte, the South Korean automaker has given the sedan a new set of LED headlights along with a new set of LED daytime running lights to complete the look. Aside from this the sedan also now comes with a much wider grille that now stretches to meet the headlights on either side. The lower bumper has also been redesigned, this time to accommodate a new set of what appears to be LED foglights or what could be another set of daytime running lights. The front bumper also now sports new “air intakes” which we assume is only there for aesthetic purposes that come with a new glossy black surround. Finishing off the new look at the front, the South Korean automaker has added its new corporate logo to the sedan. Overall, the changes done to the sedan are subtle but substantial enough to keep the vehicle looking fresh.

2022 Kia Forte

It is important to note that over in South Korea, the Kia Forte goes by a different name—the K3. Given that the Forte and the K3 are the same vehicles, whatever changes the automaker does will probably apply to the vehicle in other markets as well.

2022 Kia Forte interior

On the inside, the layout of the vehicle remains the same with the exception of what appears to be a bigger infotainment screen. Aside from this, the facelifted vehicle also sports its new logo on its steering wheel. Aside from that, there are no other visual noteworthy changes, while not yet official, Kia could have also upgraded the interior’s feel with a new set of soft-touch materials. 

Kia Motors is only previewing the refreshed sedan for now with a hatchback version supposedly on the way as well. For now, all we can do is wait till its official launch to find out what else the South Korean automaker has done to update the vehicle. On the local side of things, Kia Philippines has yet to announce if it has any plans to launch the refreshed sedan locally. However, if it were to launch it locally it could give the likes of the Honda Civic and the Toyota Corolla a run for their money with the Kia Forte’s refreshed look.

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