Land Rover Discovery Sport

Land Rover accomplished an incredible feat as their latest Discovery Sport managed to pull a 108-ton 3-carriage train in Switzerland that’s around 60 times the SUV’s own weight. 

The stunt was designed by Land Rover engineers to show the strength and capability of the Discovery Sport, similar to the one they did during the launch of its ancestor, the Discovery I, in 1989.  

A team of engineers strapped the vehicle in front of 3 massive train carriage. The journey spanned 10 km, with the crossing of the 935 ft long and 85 ft high Hemishofen Bridge as its climactic part.

What’s great about this feat is that there’s no modification on the Discovery Sport at all. It relied solely on its 2.0L Ingenium diesel engine, Terrain Response system for maximum traction, and All-Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) system. In addition, the Discovery Sport’s Tow Assist and Tow Hitch Assist were engaged to aid in pulling the huge 108-ton train.

Maximizing all of the SUV’s 180 hp and 430 Nm of torque, Jaguar Land Rover Engineer Karl Richards and Aquarius Railroad Technologies Managing Director James Platt pushed forward and went beyond the vehicle’s 2.5-ton towing limit.

As a fitting remark, this successful event also coincided with the Discovery Sport’s Tow Car of the Decade title achievement at the recent UK Tow Car Awards’ 1,700-1,899 kg category.

Check out the video posted below to see the Land Rover Discovery Sport in action.

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