Mazda3 Sportback Polymetal Gray

Mazda currently has the 2.5-liter SkyActiv-G turbo engine in its Mazda6 and Mazda CX-9 in the Philippines, but smaller cars in its current lineup make do with naturally-aspirated motors, at least for now. 

As reported by Jalopnik, from their “accurate” source, the Mazda3 will definitely be getting a turbocharged engine, for certain markets. According to them, the source got the information from Mazda’s extranet system. In Mazda’s dealer system, there was a peculiar listing, “Mazda3 HB PP Turbo.” 

The first and last terms are very familiar to us, but it is the second and third that needs a bit of deduction. For HB, it is likely that Mazda uses this term to refer to hatchbacks in its own system – which is weird the model is branded as the Mazda3 Sportback. Whatever the case, it seems Mazda has a favorite in its lineup. As for the other term, “PP,” it could mean a lot of things like “Performance Package”, “Premium Package,” or really anything. Your guess is just as good as ours. 

We could see this model appear with an automatic transmission, seeing as Mazda likes to pair its turbocharged motors with two-pedal transmissions on a regular basis. In other territories, the Mazda3 is offered with a naturally-aspirated 2.5-liter engine, with the option to go with a manual gearbox. It is also likely that the 2.5-liter turbo will be specced with an all-wheel-drive system. It is still unknown, however, under what generation of SkyActiv engine this motor will hail from. It is likely that the 2.5-liter SkyActiv G turbo will be used for this, which can also be found in the Mazda6 and the CX-9. The next question we have is, what about SkyActiv-X? We're not sure yet, but hopefully, we'll see these motors soon in the Philippines. 

Mazda6 2.5-liter turbo engine

As for power figures, given that we have seen this engine in other models, we could be seeing figures of 228 hp and 420 Nm of torque, all in a package as compact as the Mazda3. Though, the engine specifications can change if ever. 

There is also an Anniversary variant on the way in other countries, according to the source, and it will come with a red interior with a white paint job on the exterior. 

We’re not entirely sure if this model will also be called the Mazdaspeed 3, we hope it will, though. As for Philippine availability for this model, it could be a limited run or an indent order if we’re being optimistic, but we’re not holding our breaths at this moment, but it sure is free to dream. 

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