Mercedes-Benz Project One

Mercedes-Benz intends to make a huge statement at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show this month as they will be revealing a 2-seater “supersports” car concept.

Dubbed as Mercedes-AMG Project One, this car is said to be integrated with Formula 1 (F1) hybrid technology. Well, Mercedes-Benz surely knows a thing or two when you talk about F1. After all, they’re the defending champs and Lewis Hamilton is now on top in terms of this year’s driver’s championship points. 

The Project One concept is a car designed to celebrate AMG’s 50th anniversary. In case you didn’t know, AMG is the high performance division of Mercedes-Benz. As such, the said concept car is meant to highlight AMG’s “Future of Driving Performance."

Details regarding Project One remains to be hidden in the vault, but the automaker confirmed that the vehicle has an output of over 1000 hp and a top speed exceeding 350 km/h. This is made possible by a 1.6L turbocharged V6 hybrid engine, which is sourced from the F1 W06 Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 car.

In terms of design, the teaser suggests that Project One is fitted with sharp-looking headlights, a mesh grille, and prominent wheel arches. The video teaser, on the other hand, gives a sneak peek of the vehicle’s front bumper.

The 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show will start on September 14. This means that we still have to wait more than a week to see the Project One in full form.

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