Denza D9

BYD is in attendance at the 2024 Geneva Motor Show and they’re not just launching a car, they’re also launching a whole new brand into the European market. The brand in question is called Denza, a brand specializing in luxury electric vehicles as well as a collaborative effort between BYD Auto and German automotive giant, the Mercedes-Benz Group established back in 2010. 

According to BYD, the first car the Denza brand will bring into Europe is called the D9. The Denza D9 is a luxury minivan available in hybrid or pure-electric configurations. In terms of size and interior features, the D9 is said to rival the offerings from established brands such as Toyota and even their luxury division, Lexus

Denza D9 Minivan

On the outside, the D9 has the unmistakable silhouette of a minivan with its long body, tall roof, and wide front. Speaking of the front end, the D9’s wide gaping grille is imposing, almost looking like it can suck gallons of air as it goes. To differentiate between the hybrid and EV, Denza designed two different grilles for the D9 with the hybrid featuring a traditional grille characterized by individual chrome pieces while the pure EV sports vertical chrome slats.

D9 Interior

Inside, the D9 features a 2+2+3 seating arrangement, offering adjustable and foldable seats with added ventilation and massage capabilities. In addition to the standard front screens, supplementary displays are positioned on the armrests of the second-row seats, providing convenient access to a range of functions.

Furthermore, the vehicle boasts a rear-seat entertainment system equipped with dual screens. The captain's chairs in the middle can be adjusted forward and backward, providing ample legroom. Meanwhile, the third-row seats are furnished with USB ports and a central armrest, along with LED ambient lighting and speakers from the Dynaudio sound system. Plus, the D9 is equipped with a small fridge for the passengers. With all these features, the D9 sounds less like a van and more like a living room with wheels.

D9 Second Row

BYD hasn’t provided any specifications of the D9 for the European market aside from confirming that it will come in hybrid and EV versions. In China, the D9 is offered in multiple configurations. It comes as a PHEV featuring a 1.5-liter gasoline engine, available in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive setups. Alternatively, it's available as a pure EV, with options for front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, powered by a 103.4 kWh LFP (lithium iron phosphate) battery pack.

Here in the Philippines, there is no news about the Denza brand arriving just yet. If and when they do decide to bring the Denza brand into the local market, it’ll surely stir the pot in the premium minivan segment.  That said, BYD has quite a lot of offerings in the local market. If you want to check out what vehicles are on sale right now, you can head over to the AutoDeal Car Guide for a deep dive into the current range of available cars in the country. 

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