BYD has dropped the prices of its hybrid cars, putting pressure on other brands to do the same.

Did BYD just play a killer move? Well, it looks like they did. The big name in China's EV market, BYD, has recently cut the prices of its plug-in hybrid models, causing a direct challenge to cars that run on regular fuel. 

The company's new models, the Qin Plus DM-i and Destroyer 05, are now being sold at much lower prices compared to their previous versions. Part of BYD's goal with this price cut is to make electric and hybrid cars more affordable for more people. 

By the way, the cheaper models did not stop at the price reduction as they also come with updates like bigger batteries and longer ranges. Drivers can now go further on one charge. Given their killer tactic, BYD expects to really boost the sales of these kinds of cars in 2024, making it easier for people to choose cars that are better for the environment.


On the other side of the ring, BYD's competitors seem to have received the message, as other Chinese car manufacturers have quickly responded to BYD's price reduction. Companies like SAIC-GM-Wuling, Changan Auto, and Hozon Auto have announced their own price cuts for PHEV models - a big change in the car market, with PHEVs becoming more affordable compared to both traditional fuel cars and fully electric models.

Car buyers are now showing more interest in these hybrids, particularly in the price range of 50,000 to 100,000 yuan (approximately Php 388,900.20 to Php 777,800.40 Philippine peso). BYD's competitive price drop benefits consumers looking for cost-effective options and supports the environment as more people switch to these more eco-friendly vehicles. 


After successfully going after Tesla before, BYD appears to really take their goal of beating their previous sales record seriously. You might as well get in the trend with these electric vehicles and take a look at BYD's current offerings in the country. Get a quote for the EV of your choice now!

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