This little car has just been legalized for street use in Europe.

Vehicle trends come and go, but in the case of Microlino by Micro Mobility Systems, their bold take on the 1950s bubble car might spark a comeback. First revealed two years ago, it promised a fully electric interpretation of the iconic BMW Isetta, and after some delays in design and legal purposes, the Microlino has finally passed European homologation and is fully street legal.

This cute four wheeler is powered by a lithium-ion battery that comes in two flavors - an eight kWh battery that’s good for 126 km of driving, or a larger 14.4 kWh battery that extends the range up to 202 km. The 20 hp electric motor in the Microlino can accelerate the vehicle from 0-50 km/h in five seconds and has a top speed of 90 km/h, making it a very tempting city runabout. Recharging is simple and hassle free as all you need is a socket in your garage. Any conventional domestic power socket can charge the Microlino to full capacity in four hours, and with a type 2 connector in just one hour.

Dimension-wise, the Microlino is 2,435mm long, 1,500mm wide, and 1,459mm tall. It’s so compact that drivers can park up to 3 of these tiny cars facing the sidewalk in a conventional car slot. It also weighs 450 kg without the battery and driver, and has 300 liters of space behind the seats, which is surprisingly good. The unique front-opening door, just like the BMW Isetta, allows users to alight directly onto the sidewalk after cross-parking. The interior features a sunroof and a single-round touch screen panel on the dashboard.

The Microlino is priced at around 12,000 euros (P750,000) and is available in eight colours – Zurich Blue, Milano Red, Amsterdam Orange, Paris Mint, Barcelona Brown, London Grey, Gotham Black and Vienna White. Production has started and will be delivered to customers who have reserved by 2019. We’d love to get our hands on one, as the size and ease of use would make city dwelling a breeze, not to mention it looks incredibly cute driving around. Hopefully the emerging market for EVs in the Philippines piques the interest of Micro Mobility Systems, and a deal can be made with an importer. Less pollution, less space on the road, and more people per parking slot? What’s not to love?

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