MINI Yours Customised

One of the perks of owning a MINI is that you can customize its parts. Like, if you want to put your sweetheart’s face on your Countryman’s roof, yes, MINI can do that for you.

However, the British marque takes this customization to another level by using 3D printing technology and laser lettering.

The new service is called ‘MINI Yours Customised’ (yes, with an ’s’ because they’re British) and the process starts through an online configurator tool. Here, you can customize 4 parts of your MINI — the side scuttles, dashboard trim on the passenger side, LED door sills, and LED door projectors.

Through the online configurator, you can choose from different colors, surface finishes, and patterns for the side scuttles and dashboard trim. You can also add a text in there using the font type and size of your choice. This will then be 3D-printed and will be given to you so you can install them yourself or you can have the dealer put it for you.

For the LED door sills, you can choose the type of finish and add anything on it—like your signature—so you can further maximize your MINI’s customization. By the way, it illuminates without the need to alter your car’s wiring as it’s battery-operated and uses magnetic sensors so it will only light up when you swing the door open.

The flashiest bespoke job you can do to your MINI is with its LED projector. For starters, the default projection to the floor is the MINI logo, but with MINI Yours Customised, you can change that to anything so long as it’s available in the online configurator. And yes, you can use your signature, too. Talk about individuality.

Watch the video below to give you a full grasp of how MINI Yours Customised works.

You might ask, “Why do I need to customize my MINI this much?” Well, customizing a P2-million car seems like a good idea, right?

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