Millennials are the focus of British automaker MINI on their new move. The company conducted a survey involving 1,000 individuals, who revealed that the Generation Y, a.k.a. the Millennials, opt for a car that speaks for their personality and lifestyle. 

In the survey, 21% of Millennials said they want to have more options to personalize their car according to their own preference. On the other hand, 39% of them said it's the set of wheels that mirrors their persona.

MINI wants to take away the woes of Millennials by offering 10 million ways to personalize a unit. From racing stripes, contrasting roof and mirror finishes to premium upholstery options, a customer may freely express him/herself on a MINI car.

“We’ve always known our consumers value creativity. In fact, the Company’s bi-annual cross country road trip, MINI Takes the State, is a testament to the thousands of ways owners can and will personalize their MINI. You can walk through the parking lot of more than 500 MINIs and not one of them is the same.”

Meanwhile, additional findings revealed that 21% of Millennials consider safety as part of their purchasing decision, while 42% are very mindful of the cost when buying or leasing a car. So, does this suggest that MINI will make its vehicles meet the Millennial price range? We’re down for that, who’s not?

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