2020 Mitsubishi K-wagon concept

Mitsubishi Motors unveils the Super Height K-Wagon Concept. The vehicle is the next generation Kei wagon that caters to drivers who like to go long distances. It offers a wide-open passenger space for the vehicle. The Japanese car company says that it delivers performance and functionality required in the vehicle category.

2020 Mitsubishi super height k-wagon concept

Upfront, the K-Wagon concept features Mitsubishi’s Dynamic Shield front design. This styling can also be seen in the production version of the EK-X Kei car. The vehicle features a coated steel bar perpendicular to a horizontally-themed grille. The color scheme and design language targets drivers who want to be active outdoors. The body color is a two-tone combination of olive green and white, with roof rails finishing off the top of the vehicle while having body-colored wheels.

The Super Height K-wagon offers a wide interior space, with a maximized back seat space for family use. To get in and out of the vehicle, it has a large rear door opening. It also features the largest back seat legroom in its class. The vehicle uses the color brown as the main color in its two-tone color scheme. The other color is orange but is used lightly as a secondary accent color. For seating material, the wagon comes with synthetic leather, which is covered with diamond quilting for an upmarket feel.

The Mitsubishi K-wagon Concept comes with advanced driver assistance technology and safety equipment. It also comes with a high-performance engine that meets the Japanese Kei car standards. There is no word yet on the exact power figures as the vehicle is just a concept. Mitsubishi states that the engine comes with a CVT to maximize efficiency. 

The vehicle also incorporates the e-assist preventive safety technology of the Japanese automaker. It includes MI-PILOT single-lane driver assistance on highways, a collision prevention assistance pedal for misapplication, and a braking system that mitigates damage from collisions. 

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