Do you own a Subaru car that has at least 100,000 km mileage on its odometer? If you do own one, the exclusive distributor of Subaru vehicles in the country – Motor Image Pilipinas, Inc. – is searching for the most seasoned or well-maintained Subaru.

This search intends to prove the durability and quality of Subaru vehicles. The qualifications to join the competition are the following:

1. Must be a Subaru Vehicle

2. At least 100,000 km mileage in odometer 

3. Name registered in OR / CR must match name of Owner who submits entry

4.Currently registered in LTO / Road Legal

5. In Good Running Condition

6. No aesthetic / exterior Physical Damage

7. 100% Stock with No Tolerance on Minor Modifications

After that, aspiring contestants should log on to Subaru’s microsite and fill up the necessary information. All details will then be submitted to the After Sales Department of Motor Image Pilipinas for screening. The contestant will receive an acknowledgement e-mail if all requirements are met and received. Submission of entries will be until January 31, 2018. 

The final criteria will be based on the following: (1) truthfulness of the submitted information (40%) and (2) the exterior, interior, and running condition of the vehicle (60%). The judging and deliberation will be run from February 1 to 8, 2018. 

The winner will be invited to an awarding ceremony by the 2nd week of February. The owner of the most seasoned Subaru will receive the following prizes: (1) certificate from Motor Image Enterprises, (2) travel gift certificate worth P30,000, (3) half-page testimonial advertorial, and (4) 1 year supply of Shell V Power Racing fuel.  

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