BMW 5 Series Spy Shots

BMW’s got a lot in store next year, not just for the rest of the world. BMW Philippines recently announced that there are too many anticipated models to list for next year, which include a lineup refresh and more electric models. Among the new models, we’re expecting is the new 5 Series midsize sedan. 

While driving around in Munich, Germany (near BMW’s headquarters), one of our friends ( on Instagram) was able to spy the new 5 Series sedan winter testing on the expressways of Germany. It was wrapped in BMW’s typical camo, a geometric pattern with a few 3D effects, covering a bulk of the car’s design features. 

2023 BMW 5 Series Camo

Now, we will admit that the photos are on the blurry side of things, but we can pick out a few things. Due to the weather conditions, it was a challenging spot on the road but we can see that the taillights are updated, and the rear end will still have that flowing but muscular BMW design. 

What about the front end? Numerous sources have reported on the new model like Motor1, with the front end in full focus. According to that source, the front end won’t have the monstrous grille that’s currently on the 4 Series models and instead will have a larger kidney-style grille similar to the current models of the 5 Series. From Motor1 as well, the model sports a headlight design that is still slim and in line with the rest of what BMW's currently fielding, albeit what looks to be a revised shape. 

Reports are also coming in that the new 5 Series will have an all-electric model, a plug-in hybrid, and a gasoline-only option. The one pictured looks to be the gasoline model. As for the engine, we hope that BMW’s inline six will make it to our shores, otherwise, it could be a turbocharged four-cylinder like the current model we have in the Philippines. 

We may also see an all-electric 5 Series in the future. BMW Philippines said that it will be bringing up to four fully-electric vehicles in 2023, and we're left to wonder whether an electric 5 Series will be a part of the brand's launch calendar. 

No news yet on the new car, and when it will arrive, but we hope that the model will be one of the many that BMW Philippines will update in the near future. 

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