Perodua Axia ASEAN NCAP

We’re all more or less excited to see the new Wigo, but we’re also glad to uncover news about its safety rating, as well as potential specs. We already got a first look thanks to the folks over at Perodua, and their Daihatsu-based Axia small hatchback. The model is a twin of the Wigo, and it’s launching tomorrow, February 14, 2023. 

The ASEAN NCAP released the crash testing data of the Axia a few days before its launch, and we’re happy to report that, for a small car, the Axia did quite well. This would mean that the Wigo also stands a good chance of scoring well in the ASEAN NCAP tests once it comes out. 

While currently unofficial as a score to assign to the upcoming Toyota Wigo, this is good news for people that are looking to get a new small hatchback from Toyota. The ASEAN NCAP takes many factors into consideration when it comes to crash testing cars, and their battery of tests include Adult Occupant Protection, Child Occupant Protection, Safety Assist testing, and Motorcyclist Safety. 

The Axia/Wigo that was tested managed an overall score of 73.55, which is impressive since it was about one and a half points away from a five-star rating. The ASEAN NCAP states that five-star ratings are achieved when a car is able to score at least 75 weighted points after all the tests. It’s a high four-star rating that we’re seeing. 

Perodua Axia

You could say that the advanced safety systems also played a big role in the score, adding to it and subtracting to it at the same time. While autonomous braking systems are in place on the new Axia, the system lacks the depth to detect motorcyclists. If it did, we could possibly be looking at a five-star small hatchback. 

Still, however, there are a ton more features with regard to safety for the Malaysian version of the Wigo. On top of standard ABS that we think most cars should come with anyway, we also get stability control, seat belt reminders, the aforementioned autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and even rear cross-traffic alert. There is no assurance that we’ll be seeing these features in the actual Wigo when it does launch, but we’re hoping that Toyota Philippines takes the leap and offers it in the lineup. 

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