2023 Ford Ranger

Ford Philippines wants to make sure that you are safe with its vehicles. With that in mind, the Blue Oval wants to reassure you that its next-generation Ford Ranger lives up to its promise of being one of the safest and most technologically advanced vehicles you can buy. This is why the American automaker wants to showcase what the newest version of its popular pickup truck can do.

Ford engineers have spent countless hours improving the safety features of the new Ranger. They have done this with various computer modeling software and with the most comprehensive physical testing program, the automaker has ever done outside of the US and Europe.  With new pickup truck now comes with a much stronger body evident by the multiple crash tests done to the vehicle. Ford engineers also put the vehicle through roof crush tests and more just to see how tough their new pickup truck can be. 

Ranger enjoys a solid safety heritage thanks to its Built Ford Tough lineage, and our testing efforts have gone above and beyond requirements to ensure Ranger’s safety is robust and fitting to our customers around the globe.

He further adds that “Customers want to be able to travel safely with their friends and family and be able to move their cargo with confidence. The next-generation Ranger not only delivers on the ability to help them tackle whatever they want at work or with family and friends, but it helps them do that with the safety and peace of mind they want, thanks to the numerous new driver assistance technologies and safety feature the new model offers.”

Post- Collision Braking

To enhance the safety of the new Ranger, Ford has given it a new post-collision braking system that helps stop the vehicle to reduce the risk of a secondary collision. 

Enhanced Pre-collision Assist

Ford has updated its pre-collision assist system, it now uses both a new, wide-view windscreen mounted camera and a radar system mounted in the front bumper. It is smart enough to scan the road ahead for any potential collisions. It can even detect pedestrians and cyclists in front of the pickup truck. If it senses a crash it will give an audible and visual warning then promptly activate the automatic emergency braking system if it senses that you haven’t touched the brakes.

Enhanced Automatic Emergency Braking

Speaking of emergency braking, Ford has also upgraded this system as it can now help stop the vehicle at intersections. Aside from this, the safety system is also further enhanced by the new camera and the new radar system found in the front bumper. 

Forward Collison Warning

The Blue Oval has also added a forward-collision warning system onto the vehicle that will alert the driver with an audible warning tone, which also mutes the audio system.

Dynamic brake support

Another driver-assist system that Ford has included with the new Ranger is the Dynamic Brake Support system. It pre-charges the brakes for the driver if more braking power is needed. 

New Evasive Steer Assist system

To make the pickup truck even safer, the automaker has given it an Evaise steer assist system. Its job is to help the driver avoid potential collisions with a slower or stopped vehicle ahead by providing a boost to the steering. This allows the driver to steer with less effort when a collision cannot be avoided by braking alone. The system is designed to operate at both urban and highway speeds and employs the same camera and radar used with the Pre-collision Assist feature.

New Reverse Brake Assist

Reverse Brake Assist helps drivers to avoid or mitigate potential collisions while reversing. The system may detect moving vehicles or stationary pedestrians and objects behind the Ranger. The system can apply the brakes to briefly stop the vehicle should the driver not react in time.

New Lane-Keeping System with Road Edge Detection

Designed for use on rural roads at speeds from 65km/h, road edge detection uses a front camera to monitor road edges 50 meters in front of the vehicle, day, or night. Where a paved road becomes a soft verge, gravel hard shoulder, or grass, the system provides gentle steering support as required, to prevent the vehicle from drifting off the road. If the driver is still too close to the edge following initial steering support, the system vibrates the steering wheel, prompting the driver to steer back into the middle of their lane. 

New Cross Traffic Alert

The new system helps warn the driver of the Ranger if there is anything about to cross its path while reversing. This works when a driver shifts into Reverse, the system is activated and will alert the driver of a vehicle approaching from the sides when reversing out of a driveway onto a street, or from a busy supermarket parking spot for example.

New Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go

Another feature that has been added to the New to the Ford Ranger is adaptive cruise control with a stop-and-go feature, which lets drivers set a cruising speed in the next-gen Ford Ranger and then maintain a set pacing distance from the vehicle ahead. When that vehicle slows down, the Ranger does too, even down to a stop in traffic; when traffic picks up speed, the Ranger resumes its pre-set speed and distance. It also comes with Lane Centering Assist, which is also paired with Distance indication, Distance alert, and the lane-keeping system. 

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