Nissan LEAF Philippines

Nissan Philippines might soon be officially launching the Nissan LEAF into the country. The Japanese brand has already updated its website to feature the vehicle on its own subpage. The subpage itself showcases key features about the electric vehicle that prospective buyers might find interesting.

While the vehicle’s design itself isn’t new to the market, it is new to the Philippines. It comes with a hatchback design aerodynamically sculpted to maximize the range of the batteries that it has. It comes with a sharp nose as well as a special to the model front cladding. There are very few air inlets at the front of the vehicle to preserve its aerodynamic properties.

Nissan leaf charging

Based on the information on the website the Nissan LEAF will come with advanced technology such as an e-Pedal along with the Japanese brand’s intelligent around-view monitor. It will also come with a reported standard range of 311km, low maintenance costs, and easy charging options. This will let owners easily charge their vehicles at home or at designated fast-charging EV stations around Metro Manila.

With its 311km worth of range, Nissan states that you can easily get to and from Quezon City to BGC 5 times a week two times a day on just one full charge. The Japanese brand further states that Saturday errands and Sunday mall time with the family can also be factored into its battery range. For those with range anxiety, however, they can charge the vehicle while it is parked in their garage, increasing the vehicle’s range while you sleep or while it isn’t being used.

Nissan LEAF dashboard

Nissan Philippines has yet to release the official specifications for the LEAF along with its pricing. However, with the subpage on the Japanese brand’s Philippine website already up, we should expect to see its launch before the end of 2020.

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