Nissan LEAF now in Davao and Tagum City

Nissan Philippines has announced that its new LEAF electric vehicle (EV) is now on sale in its Davao and Tagum city dealerships. Both of these dealership locations now come with the tools and personnel needed in order to both sell and maintain the electric vehicle. Aside from this, both facilities also come with fast charging stations which allow the LEAF to be fully charged in as fast as 40 to 60 minutes all for free.

Nissan LEAF Tagum dealership

Priced at P2,798,000, interested customers and owners can expect reliable maintenance for the Nissan LEAF as well as some sort of charging infrastructure outside of their homes. Aside from this, the electric hatchback is also backed by great warranties. Clients get a 3-year general vehicle warranty, or for the first 100,000 kilometers—whichever comes first, and an 8-year battery warranty or for the first 160,000 kilometers—whichever comes first. Nissan is making the ownership experience easier for those who want to transition into electric mobility. 

Nissan LEAF Davao

With the dealerships in Tagum and in Davao, Nissan has extended its nationwide charging network in all three major island groups in the Philippines. With accessibility to the LEAF EV on the rise, this will help fulfill the automaker’s goal of having the electric hatchback available in 7 dealerships nationwide within 2021.

We are committed in making our EV technology more accessible to more areas in the Philippines, from Luzon, to Visayas and Mindanao. With the reach of our EV dealerships and the support of our dedicated and passionate personnel, we are off to an optimistic start for this new chapter in the company's electrification strategy

As Nissan Philippines is making a significant effort to push for electric mobility in the country, this should make it more enticing for interested buyers to get an EV. Not only is the brand expanding its ability to service EVs, but it also is helping expand the needed infrastructure that will ensure that these kinds of vehicles won’t run out of charge on a long journey. 

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