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The ownership of buying a new car doesn’t stop once you made the first payment, it continues further than that and extends to maintaining so it remains in top running condition. Nissan Philippines says that as maintenance is a big part of the ownership experience it is best done at authorized centers so that you get a high level of customer and vehicle service. With that in mind, the Japanese automaker states that its aftersales service centers around the country are committed to providing top-tier repair and maintenance services through its high--trained technicians, advanced tools, and accessible outlets.

With that said, here are four reasons why you should take your Nissan vehicle to an authorized dealership for repairs and maintenance.

The first main reason why you should take your vehicle to an authorized dealership is because of the quality and expertise that they offer. All service centers employ Nissan-certified staff that has extensive knowledge of the manufacturer’s vehicle parts and operations. If you have a car that comes with the brand's latest technology such as the Nissan LEAF or Nissan Kicks this will come in handy. They make use of advanced diagnostics, utilizing the latest technologies to carefully and effectively identify vehicle issues, getting to the root of the problem faster and more accurately. They also use genuine parts that are made to the brand’s high-quality standards. It is also guaranteed that you will be well taken care of while in the dealership as they all have great reception areas, lounges, and workshops inside Nissan’s Service Centers are regularly sanitized to ensure customer, employee, and technician safety.

Each technician and service advisor are equipped with a Nissan Service Tablet to access all information about their customer’s vehicle and provide real-time updates, images, and recommendations to the customer via SMS or email, allowing for a more seamless and straightforward after-sales process.

Bringing in your vehicle for maintenance and repairs can be a time-consuming process that's why Nissan’s Express Service is here to help. It streamlines the process with technicians always on standby to complete a fundamental, 52-point check-up alongside an oil change and light repairs—all within an hour. It makes periodic maintenance appointments quick and hassle-free. Nissan has also standardized the prices for the most common vehicle repairs so customers know what to expect when their bill arrives.

Aside from its extensive dealership networks nationwide, the Japanese automaker also has its Nissan Service on Wheels, an on-demand mobile service is also available in selected dealers for those who need on-the-go outlets wherever they are. It provides on-site services, fleet & PUV servicing, service caravans, and roadside assistance. It also comes with Nissan-certified technicians with proper health and safety gears to conduct basic 20-point inspections, engine oil top-ups, tire installations or inflations, fuse changes, change oil and lubrication, battery testing and replacements, or engine start assists.

Nissan also has an emergency assistance service that customers can call if they need immediate assistance. The Nissan Customer Assistance Center is also always available and operates on a 24/7 schedule, with a service agent always ready to assist you with emergency support, traffic information, towing, and repairs. They can even help you bring your vehicle to the nearest authorized service center for repairs. 

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