Nissan Philippines price increase

The new year has just begun and it looks like a price adjustment for the automotive industry is about to move into full swing. While Toyota drew first blood with various price adjustments this week, Nissan Philippines joins in on the trend and has adjusted the pricing for two of its popular models, the Terra and Navara.

Both of ladder-frame chassis utes actually saw a price increase in 2019 due to the addition of the Nissan Intelligent Mobility in select models. This included an upgrade to both the vehicle’s infotainment system to accommodate new features and minor adjustments to the exterior of the popular pickup and SUV.

Nissan Navara silver road test front

While certain variants of the Japanese automaker’s popular pickup have not seen any price hikes, other variants have and by a substantial amount. The base model Navara 4x2 6MT retains the pricing it had before, however, one tier up with the Calibre, it gets a P10,000 price increase. This places the variant only P1,000 shy of the P1-million mark. The EL Calibre variant, on the other hand, gets a P26,000 price hike. All other variants until the 4x4 VL MT variant gets the same price increase. The Navara 4x4 VL AT and MT, including the Sport Edition, all get an increase in price by P36,000.

Nissan terra gray front exterior road test

Like the pickup it is based on, the Terra also sees a price adjustment. Both transmission variants of the Terra EL 4x2 get an increase of P20,000. Similar to that of the EL, the VE also gets an increase in price by P20,000. Rounding out the price increase for the model lineup, the VL variants, in its 4x2 and 4x4 drive train options get an increase of P30,000. This brings the 4x2 VL automatic variant to P1,949,000 just P51,000 short of the P2-million mark. The VL 4x4, on the other hand, gets a little bit closer to the P2.2-million mark coming in with a price tag of P2,176,000.

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