Toyota price list increase

Toyota Motor Philippines quietly updates the pricing on select models at the start of the 2020 calendar year. Not all models are included but the majority of Toyota’s model lineup is affected. The price adjustment ranges from as small as P1,000 and goes up all the way to P123,000.

The list below will be in alphabetical order and shows which specific models are affected. It also shows the amount of how much each model has increased. 

Toyota GT86 exterior red

Toyota’s entry-level sports car, the 86, gets an increase of P63,000 across its variant range. This brings the cheapest variant’s pricing up to a little over the P2-million mark as it used to be just below it. The top-of-the-line model still retains its sub P2.2 million price.

Toyota avanza veloz blue road test

The small MPV in Toyota’s model lineup also gets a price increase. The Avanza gets a uniform P12,000 increase for all models in the lineup. Even with the price increase the range-topper - the Veloz still manages to stay under the P1.1 million mark.

The midsize sedan in the Japanese automaker’s lineup also gets an increase in pricing. All variants of the Camry now cost an additional P20,000 more.

Toyota’s midsize off-roader gets a P35,000 price increase. With the increase, its price tag inches just a little bit closer to the P2.1 million mark.

Toyota hiace GL grandia

The entire Hiace lineup gets an increase in pricing. The entry-level commuter gets an increase of P29,000. Despite the price hike, it still manages to stay within the P1.6 million mark with a price of P1,634,000. Noteworthy increases can be seen with the GL Grandia MT as its price now pushes past the P2-million mark thanks to an increase of P67,000. It now costs P2,055,000. The rest of the GL Grandia lineup also receives a P67,000 increase. 

Toyota Super Grandia

Separated from the regular Hiace lineup thanks to a more luxurious target market the Super Grandia Elite receives an even higher increase in pricing coming in at P98,000. The biggest increase in price can be seen with its range-topping variant. The top-of-the-line variant gets an increase of P123,000 bringing it close to P3 million with a price tag of P2,998,000. 

Toyota hilux conquest G blue

The Japanese automaker’s popular pickup, the Hilux also sees an increase in price. The increase isn’t consistent across all variants. The mid-range Hilux 2.4G MT now costs P20,000 more, coming in at P1,295,000. The rest of the lineup including the conquest variants now comes with a P16,000 increase in price. The top-of-the-line Hilux Conquest 2.8 G now costs just above P1.8 million.

Toyota’s popular MPV, the Innova still retains a similar price point as it did before with only a minor increase. Its price tag only goes up by just P1,000 for all variants in the model range with the exception of the J variants. The gasoline fed J variant gets an increase of P117,000. It now places the entry model variant of the popular MPV above the P1 million mark. The diesel variant also gets a substantial increase of P12,000.

The Japanese brand’s full-size SUV, the Land Cruiser 200 isn’t immune to the price hike. All model variants, gasoline and diesel alike, get a P95,000 increase in price.

Like its bigger brother, the Land Cruiser Prado also gets a price increase. All variants in the model range get an increase of P90,000

Over in the hybrid segment of the Japanese automaker, the Prius gets a P50,000 price increase.

Toyota Prius C green

Like its bigger counterpart, the Prius C also gets an increase. It comes in with an added P63,000 to its original pricelist giving it the same price increase as the 86. The Prius C is still priced below the P2 million peso mark, making sure that it doesn’t compete with the regular Prius.

Toyota RAV4 blue road test

Toyota’s popular crossover also gets a price increase. Unlike the other models with consistent increases in price, the RAV4 gets different increases per variant. The entry-level LE variant gets an increase of P57,000 pushing its SRP above the P1.7 million mark. The mid-range XLE trim now pushes the price of the variant from P1.8 million all the way to a little over P1.9 million. The XLE trim gets a P37,000 price increase. The top-of-the-line LTD trim gets an increase of P41,000. 

While its sedan counterpart the Vios remains immune to the price hike, the Yaris gets slapped with a P10,000 increase. Its middle variant the 1.3 E CVT now costs P900,000. Which puts it just a little bit closer to the P1 million mark, while the 1.5 S variant is now just below the P1.1 million mark.

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