Nissan JUKE

Crossovers nowadays seem a little cut and dry, but when the Nissan Juke came around, it stirred either a feeling of disdain or a feeling of delight to onlookers. While the model had controversial looks, it still stood as one of the best sellers in the brand’s lineup because of its quirky styling and acceptable price point. 

The next generation of Nissan’s subcompact crossover will debut on September 3. The model will be based on the CMF-B platform that was developed by Nissan and Renault through their alliance. For reference, the Renault Clio and Captur will share the same underpinnings as the new Juke. The new model will be expected to go on sale as early as 2020. 

The Juke will possibly come with the same 1.6L engine that we have been seeing in the previous generation. It is also possible that a small displacement 1.5L diesel engine could make it to this country, but is unlikely. Perhaps a turbo model with the 1.6L is in the works, but we cannot be certain. There are also rumours of a plug-in hybrid model. 

Safe to say, but it is a love it or hate it kind of model, but the most recent teaser image released by Nissan USA seems to indicate that many changes will take place, but others will remain the same. 

The teaser is a zoomed in photo of the Juke’s headlight and DRL. It seems like the DRLs aren’t inspired by the Nissan 370Z anymore. It instead uses a slit to house the LEDs. The turn signals also are situated below the DRL. The headlight itself looks like a projector LED that is similar to the bumper mounted units in the previous generation. 

The V-motion grille is definitely back for another round in the new Juke. The second generation now has a smaller grille that doesn’t cut across the entire front bumper anymore. 

Keep a close eye out for Nissan this year, maybe they can give the Juke a design that will appeal to many rather than the few. 

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