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Nissan is up to something big, and in their latest teaser video, they featured multiple silhouettes of nameplates that they currently or will produce. Instead of full model names, the video showcases the starting letters of the model names of each of the silhouettes featured. 

Every car is shown briefly, and even the names of each of the cars featured make an appearance in the end. The theme that Nissan wanted to go with was “A to Z” where its models are lined up alphabetically. All of the names briefly flash on screen after the models make their dramatic exit, we’ve listed them down with a short description of each to save you a few replays. 

Nissan Ariya Teaser

Nissan starts with the Ariya, denoted by the letter “A”. In the foreground, we see a crossover with a very sharp design, which is reminiscent of Nissan’s futuristic concept. 

Nissan Armada Teaser

Up next is another “A” which stands for the Nissan Armada, a full-size SUV that is similar to the Patrol, but sold in other territories. 

Nissan Frontier Teaser

The letter “F” then features in the background while a pickup truck is shown passing by. This is the Nissan Frontier, a cousin to the Nissan Navara, sold in other regions, but it now looks like it's grown bigger. Perhaps as large as the Nissan Titan? 

Nissan Kicks Teaser

Another crossover rolls on through with the letter “K” in the back. The Nissan Kicks is shown here and it’s one of the newer additions to the Nissan lineup in South East Asia, and soon the Philippines will likely follow. 


An “M” is then shown, and it could be a model name that is familiar to some people in the Philippines. Our best guess is that it is the Nissan Murano, but oddly enough, when all the names were brought to a roll call, the Murano’s name didn’t appear. Even a name with the letter “M” in the video was missing. Could this be an all-new model? 

Nissan Navara Teaser

We then see another pickup truck roll by in front of an “N”, which means that a new Navara is on the way. 

Nissan Note Teaser

Another “N” waltzes through, but this time it is a hatchback, it is the Nissan Note. 

Nissan Pathfinder Teaser

Our first guess for the letter “P” was Patrol, but this in fact is a Nissan Pathfinder, as it’s too small to be the full-sized SUV. The Pathfinder is also sold in other regions, not in the Philippines. 

Nissan Qashqai Teaser

Up next is the letter “Q” which stands for Qashqai. Try pronouncing that without looking it up on the internet. The crossover, however, is sold in Australia and Japan. 

Nissan Rogue Teaser

The letter “R” makes an appearance, and this harks to the new Rogue or Nissan X-Trail as we know it, and while the letter X never made an appearance while the cars were rolling through, Nissan displayed the X-Trail name in the roll call. 

Nissan Terra Teaser

Possibly one of the more eclipsing nameplates to make an appearance in this video is the Nissan Terra, denoted by a “T”, which is without a doubt, a very popular model in the Philippines, and will be much anticipated. 

Nissan Z Teaser

Then finally, the letter Z. Nissan is confirming that a successor to the 370Z is on the way, and will likely be the car that headlines their entire lineup. After a long hiatus of updates and a long-standing reputation of performance, the Z is starting a new decade for Nissan with a new model. It looks like it follows the shape of the original 240Z, with a long hood and short rear end as well as a similarly-shaped front-end. 

With all these models shown, here is a summary of the newest additions to the Nissan lineup for the Philippines based on the video and based on all the news we’ve managed to gather. 

The Nissan Kicks will make an appearance in the country, likely replacing the current-generation Juke. A new Navara and Terra will also be in the works for Nissan Philippines’ lineup, which will make a ruckus when the two make an appearance. Also, the current X-trail is in dire need of an update to remain competitive in the country, and it will be interesting to see what Nissan does with this long-standing nameplate, and who could forget the Z, hopefully, we’ll get to see this model in the flesh, even if we have to wait a while. 

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