NLEX Toll Plaza

The shift to a fully cashless system hasn’t been the smoothest experience for the Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC). The expressway operator was met with heavy traffic on the first day of the fully cashless system. However, with pressure from the local government and other entities, the expressway operator is determined to improve its services. 

Recently the NLEX Corporation, a subsidiary of MPTC has released a new announcement that advises the public about the new toll-plaza signage that they have installed. These new signs are now up and installed on the North Luzon Expressway, Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway, and other tollways under its jurisdiction.

NLEX updated signs

The new signs are as follows:


This is the lane where you line up if your vehicle comes equipped with an RFID device that has a sufficient balance for your journey. The NLEX Corporation also highly recommends that motorists queueing up on this lane avoid tailgating as much as possible. This will ensure a smoother experience and that the sensors will be able to properly read the RFID devices to help prevent further delays.

RFID reload

This lane is for those who are existing RFID subscribers but do not have a sufficient balance for their journey. Here motorists can load up their accounts before proceeding on their travel. 

Emergency Lane

An exclusive lane that can only be used by emergency vehicles such as ambulance units and official vehicles of the Philippine National Police, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, and the Bureau of Fire Protection. These lanes also serve as an installation lane according to the latest update for the expressway’s closed system which charges toll based on the distance traveled. 

RFID/ Emergency lane

Both regular users and emergency vehicles can utilize this lane. It also temporarily acts as an installation lane for those who enter the highway system via the closed system. 

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