Dinalupihan SCTEX

The NLEX Corporation has announced the completion of its road works along the Dinalupihan section on the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX). The new section is now raised and less vulnerable to flooding which will enhance the safety of the segment for motorists during the rainy season. 

In order to reduce the amount of flooding on the Dinalupihan section of SCTEX, the NLEX Corporation planned the project to span a 640-meter segment of the expressway. The project started back in March 2022, and project updates were dolled out. In July of this year, the project reached its 50 percent completion milestone, and now about 5 months later, it’s officially complete. 

The project involved a new overlay of pavement on top of the existing one, raising the expressway in the literal sense and giving the road a better chance against flooding when the weather decides to take a turn for the worse. On top of that, the project also saw some anti-flood emplacements to better handle the flood proneness of the area. 

Now, that the project has been completed, the segment is not 1.8 meters taller than it once was. The project also saw new drainage structures and box culverts set in place to help evacuate the water to prevent flooding on the stretch of road. While infrastructure improvement was a key priority, some land development was also employed with the NLEX Corporation planting Vetiver Grass in the surrounding area to prevent soil erosion, another byproduct of frequent flooding. As an added bonus, the NLEX Corporation has also installed LED lights and safety devices between Dinalupihan Spur and Roman Highway, which covers about two kilometers. 

The net result is a section of SCTEX that is safer and more efficient come rain and bad weather. Motorists who will pass through this section of road will be able to even when torrents from the sky hit the ground. 

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