Philippines to develop its own EV batteries

The Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP) in collaboration with the University of the Philippines-Diliman (UPD) will receive a fund of over P142,000,000 in the next 3 years in order to develop advanced batteries for the alternative transport and renewable energy industries.

The Center for Advanced Batteries will be established under the two educational institutions. Beneficially, this should strengthen the pillars of some automakers with electrification plans in our country. 

This was announced by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) last May 28, 2021, as they approved the creation of seven new ‘Niche Centers’ that includes the Center for Advanced Batteries, which will then be utilized for research and development programs under the Science for Change Program. While other schools like De La Salle University-Laguna, Cagayan State University and many more will also have their own industrial-oriented programs to fulfill.  

Higher education institutions including UPD and TIP would be the recipients of over P540,000,000 to research and innovate in the countryside, as well as promote the Philippines’ industrial competitiveness in the region. 

With the TIP being the project lead of the Center, TIP aims to optimize and lower the cost of batteries with the use of nickel, iron, and renewable energy storage for electric vehicles (EV). Its advanced cathode materials for next-generation batteries shall include novel compounds for use in renewables and EVs. 

They’ll also be working on a new version of the Edison Battery with an advanced cell architecture for high-energy density application, therefore improving the performance of old battery technology through increasing its energy and power densities. This is to be done with the use of indigenous materials that’s abundantly found in the Philippines such as nickel and iron.

2021 Nissan LEAF exterior side Philippines

Many automotive companies are slowly transitioning towards hybrid vehicles and even EVs including Nissan Philippines which recently launched the LEAF. Positively, this should open doors to car manufacturers who have been seeking greater electrification opportunities in the country. 

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