The four-year old BAIC Philippines joins the 7th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) with three new sport-utility and multi-purpose models to boast: the M60 (a mid-size crossover multi-purpose vehicle or MPV), the M50S (a compact MPV), and the BJ20 (a compact crossover sport utility vehicle or SUV). The latter two models were launched less than a month ago.

The M60 happens to a be scaled up M50S, making it the bigger MPV, as well as bigger than the BJ20. Given its larger dimensions (4.8m length, 1.8m width, 1.7m height) than its MPV sibling, the M60 has roomier cabin, catering passengers up to seven comfortably. Surprisingly the M60 still manages to stay nimble despite of its humongous size, provided with a 5.5m turning radius.

Carried over from the BJ20 is a small yet mighty 1.5 liter turbocharged gasoline engine, having figures which could capably rival turbodiesels while burning cleaner Euro 5 gasoline. Producing a healthy 150hp at 6000rpm and a maximum torque of 210nm at 2000 – 4500rpm, these are quite identical figures with its sibling from the crossover SUV segment.

With fuel efficiency being one of the key priorities of most consumers today, it is coupled with BAIC Philippines’ first automatic gearbox option on an MPV model. A continuously variable transmission (CVT), returning 13km/l of mixed-mode fuel mileage.

The M60 incorporates several weight saving materials including its rigid unibody construction and front-wheel drive transaxle, components which renders a total of 1,445kg. Beneficially speaking, those weight savings keep the M60's curb-weight to just five kilograms more than its smaller BJ20 brother.

Buyers can opt between two M60 variants: the Standard 1.5L CVT, priced at P998,000, and a Luxury 1.5L CVT variant, priced at P1,068,000. 

BAIC provides PIMS visitors the chance to get on-hand driving experience with its newest models, as well as other existing models such as the MZ40 three-row and MZ45 four-row vans.

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