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The Philippine National Police together with the Highway Patrol Group conducted a one-time big-time operation to crack down on motorists who use illegal blinkers and sirens. According to a report by GMA news, both the PNP and the HPG manned the streets of Quezon City, specifically along the Katipunan Avenue area. This was done so that they could flag down erring motorists. Those caught with illegal blinkers and sirens were promptly asked to dismantle the accessories on the spot and were given a ticket for their violations. 

According to the HPG, blinkers, and sirens are not allowed on private vehicles, only police, fire, and other emergency vehicles are permitted to use these accessories. The police agency further states that those who have ill intentions might even take advantage of these accessories resulting in the need for these crackdown operations. At the same time, the HPG also cracked down on vehicles with missing or no number plates present. Even brand new and expensive cars were not immune and were also ticketed accordingly to their violation. Further, still, vehicles that had missing front plates were also stopped and ticked. 

According to the report from GMA, the operation was well received by the motoring public as they wished for more such operations to occur on a more frequent basis. That being said, the operation is a step in the right direction to ensure that only the proper and authorized vehicles can use these accessories. This will prevent confusion amongst motorists who think that those who illegally use the devices are actually emergency vehicles.

The PNP and the HPG have not yet given any further announcements whether they will be having more operations like this later in the year. However, given the generally warm welcome to the operation, it could likely repeat itself later on and at other different locations. 

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