Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger gained more attention from people all over the Asia Pacific in the past year. That’s because the American pickup truck achieved a 22% bump in its 2017 sales, bringing the total of sold units to 134,100. 

Locally, the Ranger's sales accumulated more than 25% share in the segment. This pins the truck, still, as the 2nd best-selling pickup truck in the country. Sales experienced a 31% increase, boosting the numbers to 10,658 units. The truck was one of the 3 models that drove Ford to achieve a 9% year-over-year sales growth.

“The Ranger is so integral to our business in the Philippines and across the ASEAN region. The versatility and durability of this segment-defining pickup continues to attract a wide range of loyal Ford Ranger customers.”

Apart from the Philippines, the American pickup truck also performed well in Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

The country with the largest share in the Ranger’s sales output is Thailand, as 12.2% of Asia-Pacific sales were generated from the Thais. The country has sold 44.5% higher, which is a total of 44,452 Ranger pickups. Australia came close with 42,728 units, retaining its title for being their best-selling 4x4 vehicle.

Aside from that, the Ranger also remains to be the best-selling pickup truck in Vietnam, Taiwan, Cambodia, Myanmar, and New Caledonia. The Kiwis loved it too, as it was able to conclude three consecutive years of topping the vehicle sales chart in New Zealand.

Ford is looking forward to stretching out the numbers by introducing the Ranger to China, which is known as the 4th largest truck market in the world. At the same time, the American automaker is also looking forward to launching the Ranger Raptor in Thailand in less than 2 weeks from now.

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