On February 22, 2024, Ford Philippines will open online reservations for the All-New Ford Bronco and the All-New Ford Mustang.

It's really happening - this is not a drill! Ford Philippines confirmed the green light for online reservations for the and the All-New Ford Mustang on February 22, 2024.

The All-New Ford Bronco is an update of Ford's classic off-road vehicle. Since its debut in 1966, the Bronco has been known for its ruggedness and capability to conquer different road conditions. The latest model still has a rugged design and can handle different driving conditions easily, but of course, better than the vintage one.


Meanwhile, the All-New Ford Mustang continues Ford's reputation of producing high-performance sports cars. For sports car lovers, the Mustang has always been known for its speed, power, and 'handsome' look. The newest model promises to give drivers a thrilling drive with its improved engine and modern technology.

Customers can reserve their preferred model on Ford Philippines' online portal starting February 22 with a reservation fee of P30,000, which will be applied to the vehicle's total cost. 

To keep the anticipation running, complete details about the vehicles, including specifications, features, and prices, will be revealed when the booking portal opens. 

No spoilers from Ford, sorry! Don't worry; we'll hold onto our seats with you until the 22nd of February. Since the moment to book the All-New Ford Bronco and Mustang online is just around the corner, you can check out the full lineup of Ford at AutoDeal and get a quote for these vehicles. 

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