Mercedes-AMG C63

The AMG community is expressing discontent over recent changes in Mercedes-Benz's high-performance lineup. The iconic C63, known for its V8 engine, has been replaced with a hybridized turbo-four powertrain, leaving enthusiasts dissatisfied. The upcoming E63, which is considered the next top-of-the-line model, will also adopt a plug-in-hybrid setup with an inline-six engine. However, some critics argue that this might not be enough to compete with rivals like the BMW M3, which boasts a twin-turbo inline-six engine, and the future BMW M5, slated to have a hybrid setup with a twin-turbo V8. Even Audi's upcoming RS5 and RS7 models are set to utilize a V6 hybrid powertrain capable of delivering up to 640 horsepower.

To address the concerns of the AMG community, there seems to be a glimmer of hope. Car and Driver reported that two reliable sources reveal that the M177 4.0-liter V8 engine, which has been replaced in the C and E-class models, is set to make a comeback in 2026. The return of this revered eight-cylinder powerplant is eagerly anticipated, and it's being modified to meet EU7 emissions standards. Presently, this engine is found in the 831-hp AMG GT63 S E Performance and the 791-hp AMG S63, both of which are equipped with a hybrid setup.

Senior engineers closely involved in this matter assert that incorporating the twin-turbo V-8 engine, the PHEV battery, electric motor, and associated auxiliary equipment into the C- and E-class models would only require minor bodywork changes. This means the transition back to the V-8 engine is feasible without extensive redesigns.

Furthermore, the good news for AMG enthusiasts is that the C and E-class models are currently under evaluation for a life-cycle extension beyond 2028. This indicates that the high-performance AMG versions might remain in production well into the next decade, ensuring that fans can continue to enjoy the power and performance they've come to love.

That said, Raziz Rehan from Remove Before Race, who also has close ties with Mercedes-AMG, and the three-pointed star brand in general, also notes that it is no secret that AMG is working on a Euro 7 version of the famed 4.0-liter Bi-Turbo V8. He also notes that there is a reason why the people at AMG never said that the E63 Final Edition was the last V8 model. Raziz also notes that in order to shoehorn the V8 in the current C63’s engine bay, a lot of retooling would be required, and it would be more likely that the V8 would instead be equipped inside the recently released CLE instead in its full-blown AMG form sometime in the future.

If these reports are anything to go by, we are just glad that the V8 is in consideration for a return in AMG’s iconic models. Nothing beats that gnarly sound, after all. Let’s see if AMG will indeed return the iconic V8 by 2026. 

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